Here’s to you, my dear friend Happiness. I raise my glass to the moments you bring me every day. The times you made me smile, the times you made me cry. We are all here together praising you, my long dear friend. You were there on my fifth birthday, and I can still remember when I got that ball bigger than me. It was made of plastic, colorful, beautiful; and it bounced, and I jumped, and laughed, with a simple ball bigger than me. You were there on my first trip with my friends. When I first discovered we are all connected somehow. We hiked for hours to reach the top of a mountain, with our heavy backpacks pulling us back. We had a hard time walking; the incline was slick at times. All the pain was forgotten when we reached the top of that mountain; the orange-pinkish sunset was mesmerizing. We inhaled the fresh air; we felt you there, a moment of happiness. Do you know when you look at someone and you feel happy? Yes, you were there when I felt in love. That moment when you know you are not alone, someone is there to share the smallest aspects of your life; someone you can look at and feel you, Happiness. The slightest touch of hands and you are there. I can’t express my gratitude to have you by my side. Even in the moments of difficulty, I knew you were there supporting me. You were there for me, and I felt you guiding me through those special moments. There’s just no small place for you to be because you are everywhere. Thank you for being a friend. Thank you for bringing me a sparkling happiness.


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