It doesn’t matter which side you are, we are losing it. All we do is using our hate as consequence for our fears. We hate those who agree with us, and we refuse to listen to those that don’t. We hate the conservators, but we think the society is too accepting. We hate the rich for having too much, the poor for not being ambitious, and the middle class for being in the middle. We hate the man for their supremacism and the women for their persuasiveness. We hate homosexuals for choosing who they want to connect, transexuals for choosing who they want to be, and bisexuals for choosing too much; while hating heterosexuals for being conventional. We hate all those that skin color are different than ours, the culture from different communities, all those who we can’t communicate. We hate religions that differ from our beliefs, often condemning their practices when all religions preach tolerance. We condemn those who use hate jokes for exposure. We praise those who use hate rhetoric for a vote. While we disguise our hate speech for personal opinion. The future generation that is born without any hate is taught to be like us. We will destroy our bodies in the name of being likable. We will destroy our environment in the name of comfort. We will destroy our humanity in the name of our benevolent faith. And we will lose until we learn what is love. 


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