It doesn’t matter which side you are, we are losing it. All we do is using our hate as consequence for our fears. We hate those who agree with us, and we refuse to listen to those that don’t. We hate the conservators, but we think the society is too accepting. We hate the rich for having too much, the poor for not being ambitious, and the middle class for being in the middle. We hate the man for their supremacism and the women for their persuasiveness. We hate homosexuals for choosing who they want to connect, transexuals for choosing who they want to be, and bisexuals for choosing too much; while hating heterosexuals for being conventional. We hate all those that skin color are different than ours, the culture from different communities, all those who we can’t communicate. We hate religions that differ from our beliefs, often condemning their practices when all religions preach tolerance. We condemn those who use hate jokes for exposure. We praise those who use hate rhetoric for a vote. While we disguise our hate speech for personal opinion. The future generation that is born without any hate is taught to be like us. We will destroy our bodies in the name of being likable. We will destroy our environment in the name of comfort. We will destroy our humanity in the name of our benevolent faith. And we will lose until we learn what is love. 


Here’s to you, my dear friend Happiness. I raise my glass to the moments you bring me every day. The times you made me smile, the times you made me cry. We are all here together praising you, my long dear friend. You were there on my fifth birthday, and I can still remember when I got that ball bigger than me. It was made of plastic, colorful, beautiful; and it bounced, and I jumped, and laughed, with a simple ball bigger than me. You were there on my first trip with my friends. When I first discovered we are all connected somehow. We hiked for hours to reach the top of a mountain, with our heavy backpacks pulling us back. We had a hard time walking; the incline was slick at times. All the pain was forgotten when we reached the top of that mountain; the orange-pinkish sunset was mesmerizing. We inhaled the fresh air; we felt you there, a moment of happiness. Do you know when you look at someone and you feel happy? Yes, you were there when I felt in love. That moment when you know you are not alone, someone is there to share the smallest aspects of your life; someone you can look at and feel you, Happiness. The slightest touch of hands and you are there. I can’t express my gratitude to have you by my side. Even in the moments of difficulty, I knew you were there supporting me. You were there for me, and I felt you guiding me through those special moments. There’s just no small place for you to be because you are everywhere. Thank you for being a friend. Thank you for bringing me a sparkling happiness.



Her name is Liz. As a contemporary woman, she constantly has to remember how happy she is. Liz gets everything she’s ever planned to have. There’s absolutely no way someone with this name is a failure. She is married to her perfect match – some would say there was a relieve in her face at the wedding day. With Robert, she has a beautiful ring, a house on the hills and two beautiful kids. And Liz wants them to be as happy as she reminds herself to be. Sophia and Liam are the name of her dreams.

Every Sunday, the family goes to their favorite brunch place. Every Sunday, there’s a picture to be taken. Liz picks out a scenery for this afternoon souvenir. She has a good number of followers on Instagram, going beyond the friends and family usual numbers – posing her life and family smiles for everyone to see. Robert, always supportive, sets the phone’s camera while Liz drags the kids to her side. Sophia, a few years older than her brother, gets bothered by the sun in her eyes. Her mother seems not to see. Liam smiles unaware of his surroundings. With the light hitting their faces, Sophia doesn’t want to be photographed today. She says it out loud. Her mother seems not to hear. Liz pulls the daughter closer, Sophia picks her nose. Liz, smiling and ready for the click, pushes Sophia’s arm away from the nose, strong enough for the girl to understand something is wrong, as if she doesn’t know. Stubborn, she uses the other hand to touch her nose. Sophia knows what she wants, or in this case, what she doesn’t want.

Liz fears how Sophia is different from her. The girl doesn’t relate to the woman by her. There’s little resemble left between them, even though Sophia is exactly like her mother. What happened to Liz cheeks? And hair? And lips? It’s all part of the perfect Liz. She is so unique, she looks exactly like all the women in her neighborhood.

Liz gets her picture, and posts it, and waits. She gazes at Sophia with anger, deserts for Liam who only cares about his drawings on dad’s phone. Sophia observes her mother, the girl just can’t compete with the perfection Liz personifies. As they leave the restaurant, Liz gets a good number of “likes”, so much so that she can feel good about herself. Well pleased, she smiles at her phone.




he does’t know what freedom means – the abstract feeling of being free. Only a few know what that is, hence, most people have no idea the kind of imprisonment they live in. That’s not his case. He has the knowledge of it, he just can’t find a way to unbind himself. So, he bikes to work everyday. It unwinds his mind, while getting him ready to face his pathetic life. He lives in Los Angeles, a city where finding a form of unwinding should be mandatory. The moment you walk through the city’s gate, a big sign should be posted, “Danger! You might loose your mind beyond this point”. The ritual of going through traffic everyday is excruciating, plus the obnoxiousness of people trying to be something they will never be frightens him. Venice Boulevard makes the way as he cruises on his bike, giving him a rational illusion of the so called freedom.

[Teenager Morning Anger] is his favorite 90’s Rock playlist. It sets the mood for the journey, helping with the road’s hurdles.  Nothing more symbolic than the 90’s to release one’s anger . It is not easy to bike through drivers wanting to run you over simply because their frustration needs a reason to exist. He tries to be compassionate, but when his life gets in danger, he just flip a bird. With his hand high in the blue sky, he doesn’t looking back – and how good is that. But today something is different. Going through the extence music library, he chooses the uplifting [Pop that Heart]. In each pedal strike, he smiles a bit more. It’s not just the endorphins of a sunny day, he is in LA where everyday is the same. He doesn’t even look at the cars and their drivers, he doesn’t notice what it’s in front of him, the stress passes through his bike without hitting on him. He simply smiles without a reason, and even sings along with the bubbly song. There’s nothing without a reason though.

He’s never been much of a romantic person, even though he always cries in romantic movies. One of those incredible contradictions that forms an authentic personality. “and everything went from wrong to right” says the song, and now he understands. He has been seeing this guy for quite a while, and it has been good for him. Lonely people often don’t understand the necessity of sharing their solitude. They want all for themselves. There’s absolutely no expectations for him. Today, unnoticed for a moment, he chooses to see the world differently. He chooses to love. No fear of being heartbroken, he embraces his way for something unexpected. With his bike, he feels free.



I’m her little boy, always by her side wherever she goes. I’m proud when I’m with her, a little soldier guarding his queen. She protects my dreams, sending away my nightmares. She teaches me how to love, the unconditional bound a mother and her child shares. Lessons with no words. She pushes me to be better, more grounded, less dreamy when I just want to fly endlessly. I wish I could teach her how to be free. But she must stay where she is, reigning over my heart. Far away, the little boy who refuses to grow up knows he is safe. She is always there to hold his hand wherever he goes.



What’s like to dream? he asks what is like to dream. Is it when you close your eyes or is it when you are awake? It feels so complicated – the simple process of living in the unconscious world, even just for a moment. All the rest have been doing that for years, more than a moment. There’s no drugs in the world that he can try. He refuses the idea of having visions other than what he sees. So in the reality he lives. What a scary place to be. Somehow he’s comfortable living that way, while others can only imagine how to face the day by day. He feels superior, above all human beings – and dogs, doubtless, they can dream as well. Who would think such a dream? Is there any other person like him? He will never know. He can’t imagine a thing.